social sunday

21st September 2014

hey friends!

i’m still in the process of working out the design & kinks since the previous catastrophe my blog experienced. but i continue to tell myself, everything happens for a reason.  lessons were learned & i see this as a good thing.  a good way to start if i’m wanting to do this full time.

i recently discovered social sunday & figured this would be a fantastic series to incorporate into the texan pantry, since i typically wouldn’t post on sundays & it gives yall a way to discover my inner self a little more.

Sunday Social

this week’s questions:

1.) What is your favorite part of fall?  A: I love fall! I get excited about fall before its actually fall out.  Apple cider, cool breezes, scarves, boots, hot teas & the smells.

2.) Do you have anything special planned for fall? A: Not particularly, I do a little bucket list for fall that includes things like caramel apple making, pumpkin patch visiting & drinking lots of apple cider.  But our big thing this year is it will be Ben’s first year to trick or treat.  Any guesses what he might be this year? Oh and we may or may not make it to the state fair too.



3.) What is fall like in your area?  Well here, its usually pretty warm for most of what should be considered fall, but around the middle to end of October, it does start to cool down. And if we are lucky, it gets cool & stays cool with no more warm ups.

4.) What is your favorite football team to cheer for (college or professional)? Don’t hate this Texas girl, but I really don’t like football all that much.  I, by marriage, am a Cowboys fan & watch for my husband when he’s at work.  I do get into it yes, but I’m not a die hard fan by any stretch of the imagination.

5.) Do you decorate for fall?  (show us your pics!) you bet your bottom dollar I decorate for fall! at the moment I don’t have a ton of pictures, but I’m in the process of making some cute porch decor & banners, so I will bring you an additional post or two for those.  But here’s one with a cute little printable I made. << that link, you can print one for you too for free!



Next week’s Questions are:

1. What is your favorite magazine to read?
2. What is the best thing you’ve seen online lately?
3. Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Instagram or Twitter?
4. Is there one article of clothing no matter what the season you can’t help but love?
5. Do you prefer email or snail mail?

so it begins. again.

19th September 2014



today’s post was supposed to be all about some of my favorite fall beverages.. apple ciders & pumpkin spice lattes all made at home.

then the server crashed. & so did my blog.  after many chat sessions & emails, we discovered my hosting server before godaddy really screwed things up for me & well basically i’m starting over.  all those posts of casseroles, diy projects & benjamin doing things are gone. and im terribly sad about all those things.  i still have pictures so i can recreate them, but its still heart wrenching.

maybe this fresh start is good for me? i like to believe so.  maybe this is what the texan pantry needed. i dont know. but we will definitely find out one way or another.

please bare with me while i get everything working again – the design – the posts. i definitely want to keep my readership throughout this mess & hopefully gain some more friends in the process.

sit tight – we will be back like normal as quick as possible.

why i shop thrifted

16th September 2014

thrifted series


i am one of those people who likes to save a good buck without sacrificing the quality of the product, but many people are that way.  why i go to buy a case of diapers, i seriously cringe spending that $40, because i realize what all i can purchase for that same $40 dollars.

when our family recently went through changes in job statuses, we realized our income would be shrinking, so it was time to really evaluate our spending.  we knew we werent in a situation to sacrifice eating or a car, but we also didn’t want to live so tooth & nail.

we scraped our cable & signed on with netflix & hulu, while i decided to take on making my own laundry detergent – those are separate posts for another day.  one thing we didn’t want to worry about was clothes.

i had always been an avid antique shopper, looking for a good old piece of furniture, which sometimes lead us to thrift stores, another one of my favorite places. i had never really checked out clothes or anything of that nature & decided it was time to really see what was out there.

yes i admit, there are lots of clothes in a thrift store, that probably shouldn’t have found its way back to a clothing rack, but hey i totally understand why its there. but if you’re willing to dig & look, you can find the gold mine pieces.

and one friday while out with my SIL & hubs, we hit up a few thrift stores. that day we did manage to find the gold mine. i came home with 3 full bags of items & one little people car play tower for $19.  heres the breakdown of my awesome finds:

  • old navy cardigan – $2.05 – haggled with the cashier on this one, because the hem on one sleeve needed repair, which i can totally fix, and she happily marked it half off. cardigan otherwise was in perfect shape – originally $4.19
  • worthington shrug cardigan – $2.05 – somehow i managed to get this guy half off too – not sure if it was cashier error or just good generosity; cardigan was in perfect condition- originally $4.19
  • carters long sleeve button up – $1.99 – perfect button up for ben – great shape
  • 3 pair of blue jeans – $1.19 each – perfect jeans for ben – i RARELY spend full price on clothes for ben because he never really gets the life of the clothes & if i can find a good sale or clothes at a thrift store in great shape, even better. total price $3.57
  • halloween short sleeve for ben – $1.00 found a super cute halloween shirt for ben in perfect shape
  • spongebob long sleeve shirt – $0.75 – this shirt was marked on clearance so i received 75% off this shirt – best part, this shirt still had the tags on it. originally $3.00
  • little people car play tower – $5 – i love finding ben good toys on clearance – normally this too would run me $40+ in a retailer, but thrifting you can find toys clean & in great to perfect condition all the time.
  • 3 play hats – $0.50 – ben loves “dressing up” and wearing different helmets and hats & since halloween items are out, i rummaged through a costume accessory box and found three dress up hats for ben. total on 3 hats $1.50

a good run through the washing machine & basically new clothes at a great price – which leads me to a new series i will be doing – thrift store fashionable finds along with budgeting tips for those out there looking to save some money here and there without sacrificing quality.

stay tuned for all the bargain goodness.