frugal, yet fun stocking stuffer ideas for everyone

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frugality excites me. maybe its because i’m a mom who stays at home or its the thrill knowing i got something great for even better prices.  with christmas upon us, frugality is even more important to me now.

not everything we purchase is at the best & lowest price, but sometimes getting it when you can is the best idea, because well, they only make 500 elsas, yet there are 1 million girls wanting that elsa.  btw, nobody in my family is getting an elsa – just making a point.

one of my favorite parts however, is filling those cute little stocking full of fun, practical, & yes even silly things to excite family members. but if i’m not careful, the price of said stocking can quickly accumulate to more than my gift budget.

here’s my list of some of my frugal, yet fun stocking stuffers:

for the guys or dads:

  • zip ties & tools  (from dollar tree)
  • long lighters  (from dollar tree)
  • handwarmers
  • liquor samples (21+)
  • beef jerky (usually do slim jims)
  • batteries


for the girls/mamas:

  • hand sanitizer
  • chapstick or lipgloss
  • nail polish
  • hot tea samples
  • chip clips
  • liquor samples (21+)
  • mini candles or scent wax



  • new spatulas (dollar tree or stores like ross)
  • pot holders / oven mitts (dollar tree)
  • discount cookbooks
  • high used spices like garlic or cinnamon


  • playing cards
  • new box of crayons
  • coloring books
  • stickers
  • jar of mini playdoh
  • bubble bath
  • coupons for fun privileges – these are great to personalize for each child based on what they would love to have like stay up late one night or not having to do a chore, etc

for baby:

  • fruit puff snacks
  • wipe packs (usually $1 at major retailiers)
  • stuffed animal or rattle

furry friends:

  • bag of special treats
  • chewtoy
  • bones
  • catnip
  • frisbee
  • tennis ball


  • hot cocoa packets (usually can find these in holiday food area or next to hot cocoa for $.50
  • peppermint sticks (dollar tree or on sale in holiday section of grocery store)
  • dollar scratch off cards
  • single bags of popcorn
  • fun socks
  • books from clearance section of HPB (if they aren’t against used books)
  • kleenx packs
  • small  nail grooming kit (can find these in holiday section for a buck or two)
  • crossword or word find books

I also love 5 Below stores if you have one local to you – seriously everything is $5 and under & they have just about everything! Good for stockings and gifts. I don’t however, typically shop the candy in the store because the prices are typically high for what you are getting. I do sometimes splurge however for 3D mario gummies or something for a lover of something specific.

and this is just a list to get y’all started.  when i’m out sometimes my light bulb comes on & i think of other stuff.  if you want more ideas, feel free to ask.

merry shopping & saving.

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