sparkles for the fight against cancer


i found this while scouring pinterest the other night for some uplifting, positive vibes.

you see, i’ve been absent for awhile. and its not that i havent had the time to blog, i’ve just been doing other things instead. one second literally can change your life forever. its said over and over again, but i think until you are personally affected, its hard to really believe.

my MIL is very, very sick. she’s on the mend though, but still has a long, long journey ahead of her. we rely on positive vibes & a kick butt attitude to help us get through it. but what makes this truly the hardest, is that we were faced with this same life changing second three years ago, but the prognosis wasn’t as positive. so we are pros at this game, sadly enough.

i dont try to share to many details about it, because well thats her wish. she doesn’t want everything blasted on facebook or the internet, shes just not that kind of person. so we keep it simple, short & brief.

which is my reason for this post. i’ve dedicated my month of December jewelry selling to the American Cancer Society. for every order i sell through the month of December using the shopping link here, 10% of each order will be donated to the ACS.  my goal is to be able to donate $150 to the ACS on January 1st, 2015.

we’ve all been personally affected by this nasty disease in one way or another & to have a cure for this would be the best thing in the world. but even more so, until a cure is found, more programs, services, etc to help those in need.

so while you’re shopping for yourself or a beloved friend or family member this month, remember each purchase helps out someone who’s fighting a fight that no one should have to.

and as always, all are pieces are nickel free, lead safe & hypoallergenic. also all items are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee & lifetime replacement warranty.

contact me if you have questions or would like more info.

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