my inner snotty girl is trying to get out


there’s something about walking into a small market & feeling right at home.  sometimes when i walk into a place like kroger or walmart, i get this overwhelming feeling of just being another paying customer. but those little places like sprouts or whole foods, i get this sense of belonging. maybe they are pumping something into the entrance to make us feel more at ease.  probably organic or something.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not bashing these places at all. i actually love them. probably more than i should. all the fresh produce sitting out and labeled so nicely.  the cheese counter with all the different cheeses – more than i ever knew existed.  and let’s not forget the olive bar or all the fresh flowers to choose from to make your own bouquet.

maybe i have a little inner snottiness trying to find its way out of my pores or something. she really needs a therapist. its hard not going to these places for a few things & leaving everything else.  but i definitely have my favorites.

italian sodas. i mean have you had one yet? i have & i can’t stop. maybe i should move to italy so they’re readily available at all stores. i’m sure they are all delicious, but i’m particularly draw to the pomegranate & blood orange options.

salami nuggets. now don’t get this twisted. salami nugget is just fancy for thick cut salami. but something about thick cut salami with a little hummus & baguette bread is utterly delicious. see there goes that inner snotty girl again.

produce. hands down amazing. its always fresh. and its always colorful. and its always so hard to not buy produce just because its pretty. trust me its been hard just to buy because its pretty. the brussel sprouts tempt me every time.

bulk section. its every persons dream. well maybe only my dream, but the idea of purchasing bulk trail mix or bulk gummy worms excites me to the core.  who doesn’t enjoy being able to buy 500 gummy worms if thats exactly how many they need? i however, usually go for trail mix, raisins & nuts. but they do have gummy worms. i’ve checked.

those chocolate chip muffins! from sprouts. have you had them? if not, drop everything you’re doing right now and go get you a chocolate chip muffin. so moist & just the right amount of chocolate chips. always guaranteed fresh, which is highly important when it comes to a muffin.

hummus. something about their hummus just tastes so much better. maybe its fresh. or maybe because they put more garlic in it. i’m not sure.

again maybe its my inner snotty girl trying to find a way out, but my trips to the little markets make my life a little more exciting. and until you try those muffins or ogle over their produce, keep that judging to a low roar.

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